Practice Makes Perfect

This last fall I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Iceland. I’d actually been there before, many years ago after graduating from college, but this trip was much more meaningful.

This trip was to attend a wedding. A close friend of mine was marrying a Danish man that she had met in New York City, where they both live and work.

I have known her for ten years, him for three.

So all of the Danes, and all of the Americans met in Iceland to celebrate their union. I especially enjoyed the Danishness, having lived in Copenhagen for two years.

The deep beauty of this event for me, in addition to everything else, was seeing how happy the bride was, and how wonderful her life had become. From my vantage point, it’s no coincidence.

We met in meditation. That is to say that we met as practitioners in the same study group. Our collective lives were different then, and just as mine has gown richer and deeper because of my mediation practice, so has hers. This event was a clear crisp example to me of how a cumulative mindfulness practice, applied over months and years will undoubtedly culminate in much more fulfilling and thoughtful life.

So I watched… through all of the preparation, the logistics, and the family stresses of an overseas wedding.

She never blinked.