Jolly Good Fellow

I attended the 7th Annual Wisdom 2.0 Conference in San Francisco this year.


Basically a few thousand people gathering from dozens of countries to discuss and share about the importance of the convergence between mindfulness and business.

The thing that I enjoyed the most, in addition to the common language that we all shared, was experiencing the various ways that this phenomenon manifested in the world. For instance, Pete Carroll, the head coach of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks was interviewed by Wisdom’s founder Soren Gordhamer along with the team’s “fitness” guru, Mike Gervais. Carroll first started offering yoga and meditation to his players in 2011. Now it’s an integral part of the team’s daily routine. The players love what it has done for them.

Carroll was smart, at the outset he didn’t mandate participation; he let the methodologies speak for themselves. Eventually the results became evident.

In much the same way, Chade-Meng Tan, Google employee number 107, has introduced the Search Inside Yourself curriculum around the world. Although hired as a software engineer, his business card states “Jolly Good Fellow”, as one of his primary responsibilities was to greet luminaries visiting the Google campus.

Initially, Search was meant for Google employees to better handle stress and negativity, but just as the Seahawks program was meant to “increase performance”, the benefits ultimately distinguish themselves as much, much more than that.

These are just two examples of dozens of rich and inspiring stories that I heard throughout the week.

They all pointed to in the same direction.