Kids Are Kids

Today we hosted Kent Bloomer, Adjunct Professor of Architecture at Yale University, at The Little Bridge primary school here in Shanghai.

Professor Bloomer’s expertise is in the history and importance of ornament throughout world culture. In addition to his scholarship, and under his direction The Bloomer Studio, located in New Haven, Connecticut, focuses on the design and fabrication of contemporary large-scale architectural ornaments, which are on permanent display around the world.

Although into his 80’s, today Professor Bloomer exhibited the energy and enthusiasm of the 6 and 7 year olds around him. They shared their mutual creativity and curiosity for art and creating.

As Professor Bloomer spryly moved from table to table engaging the kids, I watched all the perceived barriers come falling down… culture, age, language, even stature.

I witnessed two apparently separate types of human beings focus on what makes them similar, not different.

What a great lesson.