After Glow

I just finished up an extraordinary workshop at beautiful Pursell Farms in the rolling hills of central Alabama.

I now have some context for the term “Southern Hospitality”.

I’m privileged to have been working with this group of CNN Executives on a quarterly basis since December of 2015.

An awesome group.

They are talented, fun-loving, open minded, and work hard at understanding the challenging concepts associated with mind training. They are fortunate to have the benefit of a management group that supports an ongoing mindfulness curriculum, who has created a dedicated room for them to practice at CNN headquarters in Atlanta (see previous blog: Making Room, 8/16)

In this workshop we began to work with emotions, which is fertile ground in the development of critical self-awareness. Hats off to this group, who were willing to venture into this delicate area with each other.

Vulnerability is strength… compassion is power!