The power of group practice is palpable. The energy is remarkable. Working together contributes to a feeling of greater common purpose.



Each GoInsideOut program is grounded in a basic core curriculum, then subsequently tailored to an individual audience based on the goals of that specific organization.

Our ability to do that is based on:

1. Our competency in a wide range of practical and scientifically proven mindfulness techniques and practices that will address the needs of your organization.

2. Our years of experience in strategic brand development that allows us to deeply and quickly understand a company culture and create programs that support its core tenants.

We offer daylong as well as multiple-day workshops, on-site or off site, as well as retreats and individual coaching sessions for executive management.

Our approach consists of the traditional contemplative practices of Shamatha (stillness mediation) and Vipashyana (insight meditation), along with thought provoking exercises and activities that provide context for your particular organizational needs.

Without a relaxed mind and body, achieving stillness is impossible. We incorporate the practices of breathing, sitting meditation, walking meditation, listening, journaling and creative writing.

Every aspect of this phase of Relaxation is meant to slow down the incessant stream of distracting thoughts and provide space to observe them by detaching ourselves and becoming more present in the moment.

The result is less anxiety and feelings of stress, and a more relaxed and considerate reaction to the vicissitudes of life.


From small intimate groups to larger gatherings, GoInsideOut will create an optimum environment for learning. The GoInsideOut curriculum is designed to maximize our time together with a rich mix of dialogue, experiential training and interactive discussion.


If you feel that a setting which is more removed from your employees’ day-to-day routine would be more conducive to learning, we will gladly arrange to host our program at one of the many GoInsideOut partner locations around the country.

Individual Sessions

For individual management training, or follow-up instruction, we are available for one-on-one learning sessions. For this to be most effective, we recommend that you consider a series of meetings over a pre-determined period of time, with adequate practice time between sessions.

Panel Participation

To request Mark Trippetti’s participation at a speaking engagement 
or panel discussion please contact

Audio recordings of all sessions are available to participants once the workshops, retreats, or individual sessions have concluded.

Guided Meditations

No. 1: Meditation Posture

No. 2: Breath Meditation

No. 3: Compassion Meditation